ABSTRACT OF THE ABSTRACT OF THE DOCTOR OF PHELOSOPHY (PhD) IN PEDAGOGICAL SCIENCES Improving the training of future teachers of vocational education for innovative activities in an informed educational environment (on the example of teaching special subjects) 13.00.05-Theory and methodology of vocational education Download



DISSERTATION ABSTRACT FOR THE DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (PhD) TECHNICAL SCIENCES Development of technology for producing composite construction bitumen using local raw materials 02.00.07 – Chemistry and technology of composite, paint and varnish and rubber materials Download



ABSRACT OF DISSERTATION FOR THE DOVTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (PhD) OF TECHNICAL SCIENCES Improvement of methods for determining the carrying capacity of operated reinforced concrete bridges based on technical diagnostics. 09/05/02-Bases, foundations and underground structures. Bridges and transport tunnels. Roads, subways Download



Dissertation abstract of doctor of sciences (DSc) The oretical aspects and priority directions ensuring food security 08.00.04-Economics of agriculture,

08.00.01-Economic theory




ABSRACT OF DISSERTATION FOR THE DOVTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (PhD) OF TECHNICAL SCIENCES Development of a modernized ginner for effective cleaning of cotton fiber; machine picking of raw cotton 05.06.02-Technology of textile materials and primary processing of raw materials Download
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ABSTRACT OF THE DOCTOR OF PHELOSOPHY (PhD) IN PEDAGOGICAL SCIENCES Improving the training of future teachers of vocational education for innovative activities in an informed educational environment (on the example of teaching special subjects) 13.00.05-Theory and methodology of vocational education Download



ABSRACT OF DISSERTATION FOR THE DOVTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (PhD) OF TECHNICAL SCIENCES Development of technology for obtaining new compositions of gear lubricants based on local raw materials 02.00.08-Chemistry and technology of oil and gas Download


“OAK” magazine, specializing in the protection of his thesis was announced bulletin board with the approval of the manuscript, which will be published in avtoreferat.

The idea of ​​abstracts of dissertations and the essence of the invention, to provide a contribution to the auto show, the level of innovation and the importance of the result of the parties. Insurance specializes in books or printing method will be published on the Board of Directors to increase the number of ekzemplyar offices.

Avtoreferat should be sent to the institution.

Avtoreferat members of the Council of specialized agencies and specialists in the field of insurance. The dissertations are defended during the month in which also carried out.

Thesis in the form of scientific reports, and avtoreferat scientific reports.

The thesis – 1 printed sheets, the size of the doctoral dissertation of theses – 2 printed sheets.

Top of the abstracts, registered in the prescribed form. (Appendix 8)

Avtoreferat has three main sections:

  • general case description;
    the essence of the matter;
    as well as a list of publications and summaries. You can start with a brief summary. The annotation clearly indicates the object and subject of the research, consisting of 8-10 lines covering the main issues of the dissertation, in paragraph 1. It can begin, for example, with the following words: “An important scientific subject for thesis improvement …” A general description of the case is given in the following paragraphs: the urgency of the problem;
    level of knowledge of the problem;
    the relevance of the thesis on the topics of the curriculum RIA;
    Purpose of the study;
    research topics;
    Direction of research;
    research methods;
    reliability and reliability;
    protection cases;
    scientific innovations;
    practical meaning;
    Implementation of the results;
    topical research;
    publication of results;
    the size and structure of the thesis;
    The size of this section is 0.15 liters. A brief overview of the work will be developed in sections. The abstract includes the latest mathematical expressions, important graphs, charts and tables. A brief overview of the results of the thesis is given. Below you will find options for the thesis on the thesis (the paper size is indicated for the Ph.D. thesis). “The introduction is based on the urgency of the problem …” (can be provided).
    “In the first part … an analysis was made …” (0.15b.t.).
    “In the second part, the theory is developed …” (conclusions are given) (0.3 b.t. in science)
    “The third part presents the results of experimental studies …” (0.2 percentage points)
    “The results obtained in the fourth section will be given …” (0.15 pp).
    Summary Contains 7-9 aggregated results and business consulting. Their schematic design may be as follows: Persistent ….. analysis completed (substantiation of relevance).
    …… recommended for the procedure model (by solution method)
    Created and created ……, patents, etc.
    The first questions were resolved and resolved.
    Model improved (methodology).
    Because of science, problem solving can be … (degree of justification).
    The solutions provided … allow. (practical and scientific value). The results were implemented at leading enterprises.
    At the end of the dissertation, the thesis work of the researcher is published in scientific journals. These are the main scientific results of the dissertation, as well as abstracts in three languages ​​- Uzbek, Russian and English. Each dissertation must be signed with a dissertation post after the whole dissertation.


These rules were developed in accordance with the Regulation “On the Higher Attestation Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 9/1 September 9, 1992 and February 25, 1996 No. 34/2 and the Resolution “On the procedure for providing scientists Degrees ”, registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan on July 10, 1996, No. 261.

I. Criteria for dissertation and dissertations

1. The dissertation for a doctoral degree is based on the author’s research and development that he developed, the scientific problem of important national, socio-cultural, socio-political significance or the development of a promising aspect of the relevant field of science. A set of theoretical rules that can be evaluated as an achievement or scientific implementation should be a scientific work that reflects scientifically based technical, economic or technological solutions that can contribute to the development of science and technology.

2. The thesis submitted for the academic degree of the candidate of science is substantiated by scientifically grounded technical, economic or technological recommendations, which are of great importance for the relevant field of science, should be.

3. The discussion should be personally recorded, the author should include a set of new scientific results and facts presented for public protection for public protection, mainly internal cohesion and reflecting the author’s personal contribution to science.

New solutions that the author has to offer should be critically evaluated in comparison with other known solutions.

4. The thesis on the practical value should contain information about the specific solution of the problem and the use of scientific results obtained by the author, and the thesis of theoretical value should make recommendations about the use of scientific findings.

5. The thesis in the form of a scientific report for the scientific degree of Doctor of Science is published by the applicant and published in the field of scientific and experimental design work, and a brief summary of the results of research and development carried out by the author. The importance of scientific work and the conclusion of a doctoral dissertation in the form of a scientific report provides the applicant with a basic research of the applicant and the progress achieved.

Permission to defend a doctoral dissertation in the form of scientific lectures is issued by the Higher Attestation Commission (hereinafter referred to as KLA) on the basis of a certificate from the Specialized Council.

The thesis in the form of scientific lectures includes the cover (front and back) and the text of the form (see Appendix 7).

6. The main scientific results of the thesis should be published in scientific publications.

The main scientific results of the doctoral dissertation should be published in leading journals and scientific journals.

The total number of scientific papers of the thesis should be at least 20. Among the prospective works of the candidate should be at least ten articles published in periodical journals published after defending the thesis in the list of journals approved by the RCC. The monograph was published on the results of his doctoral thesis on social and humanities and economics, as well as in other areas, as well as in the field of pedagogy, psychology, philosophy and economics. At least two articles should be published in prestigious journals.

The main scientific results of the master’s thesis should be published in print. The total number of research papers of the dissertation must not be less than five. In the “Journals” approved by the UAC Presence, as well as the potential Trading Member, there are at least two articles published in periodicals in the list of journals.

The research work of the prospective student should reflect the main results of the thesis.

Although published, but not published can not yet be presented in the thesis and theses of theses.

7. After the publication of the thesis defense on the UAC website, the dissertation on the dissertation is issued with the permission of the Specialized Council. Doctoral dissertation in the form of a scientific report is distributed as an autobiography.

8. The abstract should contain the main ideas and conclusions of the thesis, the author’s contribution to the research, the level of innovation and the practical significance of the research results.

On the front page of the doctoral dissertation and on the back cover of the postcard there is only one supervisor.

There is only one academic leader on the title page of the master’s thesis and on the back cover of the postcard.
If necessary, with the permission of UAC, you can find the name of the dissertation and the second supervisor or supervisor at the end of the postcard. With the exception of dissertations conducted in conjunction with the specialties.

9. The thesis and essay can be written in Uzbek, Russian or English. At the end of the essay there should be a brief summary in Uzbek, Russian and English.

The size of the resume should not exceed one page for his doctoral thesis and half theses for a master’s thesis.

10. The dissertation author’s abstract is published in the printing house or in the multiplication apparatus in the amount specified by the specialized council.

III. Terms of registration of the dissertation

30. The abstract of the thesis manuscript should be published and reproduced. The abstract is written in 14 letters WORDS for one interval.

The dissertation dissertation for a doctoral thesis should not exceed 32 pages, and the master’s thesis should not exceed 16 pages (A4 format). The dissertation on a thesis in the field of social sciences and humanities can be increased by more than 30 percent.

The thesis abstract consists of a cover (front and back) and the text part of the form (see Appendix 6). Posthumous illustrations, illustrations, a list of published works at the end of the abstract and a summary are not included in the total. There are no applications in auto resorts.

All pages of the abstract are numbered from the cover to the last page. The first and second pages are the back cover and the cover and do not put the number, the number “3” is placed on the next page, etc. The order number is placed in the middle of the bottom of the page.

31. The text of the abstract is divided into the following sections:

1. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE DISSERTATION. This section usually consists of the following parts:

relevance of the topic;
level of knowledge of the problem;
The relationship of the dissertation with research plans;
Purpose of the study;
Research tasks;
object and subject of study;
Research methods;
basic defense facts;
scientific innovations;
scientific and practical significance of research results;
introduction of results;
publication of results;
The structure and size of the thesis.

2. MAIN COMMITTEE OF DISSERTATION. A brief description of the research (the dissertation section) should be described in this section.

If necessary, the abstract will contain the final mathematical expressions, important graphs, charts, tables and ordered sequentially with a sequence of Arabic theses.

3. Summary. This section should contain the main conclusions and recommendations on the use of the results of the thesis.

4. LIST OF WRITTEN WORKS. At the same time, the author cites only lists of works published in scientific publications on the topic of the thesis. The list complies with the standard requirements (see Appendix 3).

The list of published works is presented in the dissertation of the master’s thesis in chronological order in strict accordance with the standard.

The thesis published in the thesis consists of three parts in the dissertation of the doctoral dissertation:

The first part presents articles published in monographs and scientific journals;
The second part will be a list of inventions and inventions;
The third part publishes articles, abstracts, publications, published scientific articles (their abstracts must be published in scientific journals), a list of publications, information and annotations published in scientific journals.
All abstracts must correspond to the subject of the thesis and must be listed in accordance with the time of publication. Scientific papers in all three sections of the abstract are continuously numbered.

The publication of the thesis and the publication of scientific articles should be clearly stated in accordance with the existing requirements, that is, the complete writing of all authors and pages of articles and journals that have been published.

5. RESUMING includes:

key (most important) words;
objects of study;
goal of the work;
Research methods;
results and their novelty;
practical meaning;
Implementation and cost effectiveness;
use field.
The summary should be written in Uzbek, Russian and English. Examples of the summary are provided in Appendix 7.

32. The names of the main sections of Autoreferat should be capitalized with capital letters (not for insertion), the headings of the first section are usually written in capital letters or capital letters.

All copies of the abstract must be signed in the thesis after the last place of residence.

Changes in the auto version are not allowed after the dissertation has been accepted for protection.