Scientific activity

Scientific activity

The list of professors and teachers who received PhD degrees and academic titles at Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute in 2022


       Full name

   Department name. Degree  (PhD/DSc)

Title (Associate /Prof)

1. Ibaydullayev Temur Social studies PhD
2. Ruziev Anvar Social studies PhD
3. Kholkuzieva Mohira Ecology and environmental protection PhD
4. Sultonov Akmal Engineering communication PhD
5. Eshonkulov Sherzod Automation and control of production processes PhD
6. Jamolov Utkir Metrology and standardization PhD
7. Usanov Mehriddin- Higher mathematics PhD
8. Rahimov Adxam- Foreign languages PhD
9. Hodjiboev Diyor Chemical technology PhD
10. Rashidova Nilufar Chemical technology PhD
11. Kholikov Sindor Architectural design PhD
12. Yuldashev Xurshid Processing of textile products PhD
13. Bobomurodov Zokir Ecology and environmental protection PhD
14. Mamaev Gulom Transport logistics PhD
15. Musaev Sharof Engineering communications PhD
16. Turatov Shukhrat  Social studies PhD
17. Elova Umida Foreign languages PhD
18. Kholboyev Elyorjon     Externally PhD
19. Sobirova Mukaddas Ecology and environmental protection PhD
20. Rajabov Orif Psychologist PhD
Professors with scientific titles
1.        Bobonazarova Jamila Professors with scientific titles Professor
2.        Asatov Nurmukhammad Construction of buildings and structures Professor
3.        Karshiboyev Sharof Transport logistics Docent
4.        Alikobulov Shuhrat Vice-rector for financial and economic affairs Docent
5.        Kazakova Dilafruz Processing of textile products Docent