Innovative projects

Innovative projects

Informatization innovative project, chairs Dzhizak Polytechnic institute 

No. Name of innovative projects and name of responsible executive How the project is implemented Project financing (mln. UZS) Expected result of the project (product)
1. Line of waste utilization of glass products, based on the production of high-strength, frost-resistant, ceramic facade bricks


(QB, and the head of the department I.Bozorov) +998915960318

1. A line for grinding, grinding of waste of glass and glass products is established .

2. The line for production of high-strength, frost-resistant facade bricks is installed.


1500,0 Energy-efficient, heat-cold and noise-proof ceramic bricks are manufactured. Disposal of glass waste will improve environmental conditions and save natural resources. Realization of manufactured products is carried out on the basis of contracts with construction companies. All types of glass waste in the country are collected, recycled, and high-energy ceramic bricks are produced on the basis of mini-technological equipment.
2. Scientific production cluster “Mechatronics and Robotics”


(Head of the Department of Logistics and Services S.Djiyanbaev) +998933030778

DelCam’s Power Mill will be supplied. They create unique 3D details and create them here. 900,0 This scientific production cluster will have the opportunity to make and test the details of vehicles. A scientifically sound base is created to produce unique, small details from abroad. The possibilities for the production and localization of the unique details of vehicles will be enhanced, and scientific research will be carried out to improve them.
3. Production of lubricants from local raw materials in Jizzakh region


(Head of the Department of Logistics and Services S.Djiyanbaev) +998933030778

Preparation of pilot industrial equipment (reactor, engine, electric heater) and production. 500.0 This experimental site will examine the composition of local raw materials and reduce imports of lubricants Nigrol, Solidol, imported for foreign currency. Product sales are distributed to vehicles operated under heavy load. There will be an opportunity to produce various types of lubricants such as Nigrol and Solidol from local raw materials.
4. Technology of citric and apple acid extraction on the basis of harvesting and processing of cotton leaf


(Teacher of the UMF department Togaev H.)


1. Prepare and test cotton fiber harvester at UzMEI (SAIMI).

2. A coconut and apple acid extraction line is purchased from the leaf.

1000.0 As a result of defoliation, shedding of cotton leaf and damage to the environment will be eliminated. Realization of manufactured products is carried out on the basis of agreements with food production enterprises. Production and production line of cotton leaf collector
5. Improving the quality of asphalt concrete coating by adding crushed tire tires in Uzbekistan

(Researcher of EUTT chair K.Karimova)


1. To improve the quality of coatings, the reliability of the coating is increased by using tires that are not suitable for business activities.

2. Technological equipment of mini ARK-300 brand is effectively used for recycling tires.

3. Environmental problems will be solved with the recycling of unsuitable tires, ensuring the high profitability of the industry

250.0 Rubber pellets ensure that the bitumen is stable at a temperature of 150-160 ° C, as well as enhances the durability of the asphalt concrete coating, heat and cold resistance, and extends the service life.

The cost of bitumen for 13 km of 1km road will be reduced by 2%, with an economic efficiency of $ 22.0m. soums. Using the tires, it is possible to increase the pavement’s properties by ensuring the ability and durability of all roads in the country.

6. Glycerin antifreeze line of production line GA-39


( CT department I.Ro’zmatov ) +998941976765

1. distilled water for distilyator ( Bidistillyator GFL 2108 ) is set.

2. Glycerin and distilled water tanks with a capacity of 1-2 m 3 are installed and mounted in a mixer tank through a dosage.

3. To obtain a finished product, special ingredients and inhibitors are added to it. Poured into a 2 m tank and packed in special containers.

200.0 Internal market for minus 39 C temperature resistant vehicles with internal combustion engines, cooling fluids, antifreeze GA-39 went into production. Due to the protection of the refrigerant system equipment from inhibitory corrosion (corrosion) and the ability to lubricate the antifreeze system, the service life is extended. Realization of production on a contractual basis. Products of oil and fat factories of the Republic are produced on the basis of glycerin, antifreeze. Corrosion inhibitors that are included in its composition are also produced on the basis of local raw materials.
7. Anti-freeze and reinforcing reinforcement for concrete mixes


(CT department I.Ro’zmatov) +998941976765

1. A ball mill is set for grinding the limestone.

2. A heat resistant enameled reactor will be installed to perform the recirculation process.

3. An interlocking device will be installed.

4. The finished product is packed.

300.0 The use of additives in the process of making concrete and reinforced concrete structures slows down the corrosion process under the influence of chloride ions, allowing the production of concrete and reinforced concrete products even in the cold autumn-winter season. Frost resistant additives for the manufacture of concrete and reinforced concrete structures based on local raw materials and protects the corrosion of steel fittings in the concrete. The concentration of additives in the manufacture of concrete and reinforced concrete structures is 0.2-0.5%, which increases the strength of concrete by 20-30%, reduces cement consumption, increases the durability of finished products by 1.5-2 times.
8. Production of atmospheric weather-resistant ceramic stone slabs for yard and sidewalks.

(Associate Professor of Building and Building Construction Berdiev OB,


Head of the Department of CBD and CT Bozorov IB)


1. A mini workshop for the production of weather-resistant ceramic stone pavements for yard and sidewalks.

2. Mini shop line.

8 00.0 The yard and road sidewalks produce a ceramic stone coating with a variety of design and color, resistant to atmospheric effects and durable. Industrial wastes (peroxin) from the Kuytash field in Jizzakh region are used for the production of high-strength building materials.


9. An innovative noninvasive glucometer


(U.Turapov, Head of IT Department)


An innovative noninvasive glucometer is used to detect changes in blood glucose levels in diabetes on the basis of biophysical parameters . 500.0 The noninvasive method is designed to detect blood glucose levels within a very short period of time , with no pain, and regularly and adequately assess blood glucose levels;

Infectious AIDS, hepatitis, etc. elimination of the possibility of infection . The equipment will dramatically reduce the number of patients suffering from diabetes and improve patient care.

10 . A unit that secures low-voltage transformers, limited-height lighting and road signs.

(Aripov N., teacher of MKK chair)


Preparation of hydraulic service units is performed using various hydraulic cylinders. MTZ-80 tractor service is provided. 100.0 Instead of a few vehicles, one unit is set up to provide greater economic efficiency. By putting hydraulic servicing units on, the economic efficiency will be increased and it will be possible to operate in several areas.
11 . Biostimulator is a substance that improves physiological processes in plants and increases resistance to external harmful effects.

(Head of the Department of Chemistry Sh. Hakberdiev ) 974359010

Drugs that accelerate the growth of plants, increase their yield and protect against pests and diseases. 172.0 Substitutes for foreign pest control products such as Hime Karate, Nurel and others. Biostimulator can protect agricultural plants from various pests and carry out scientific research to accelerate their growth and increase their productivity.
12 . Technology of applying methane from biogas to vehicles

(Teacher of chair EUTT Sh. Suvankulov ) 933035504

1. Study the fraction of household waste collected in large settlements

2. Biogas and environmentally friendly fertilizers are extracted from organic waste.

3As used for methane extraction from biogas from waste products

4As used gas as a fuel for vehicles.

150.0 From organic waste to environmentally friendly products that are recycled efficiently and efficiently.

Vehicles are provided with alternative fuels that can replace oil and natural gas. All farms in the country will have access to alternative fuel for their vehicles

13 . The device for the sowing and feeding of grain on rainfed and irrigated fields (scientific researcher of EUTT department Sh . Khudoyorov ) 915658907 1. Developed advanced technology of NRU -55 planting and feeding of grain on rainfed and irrigated fields.

2. Technical specifications of the device, ie the width of sowing and feeding of grain is 16-18 m / s .

75.0 Sowing grain per 1 ha saves 2% of seeds and fuel consumption by 50%.

The cost-effectiveness of this plant will increase by 20% when sowing and feeding grain. This equipment will be available to all farms in the country


14 . Establishment of production of non-food erythritol and its introduction in new type solar collectors

(Head of the Chair Sattorov RT) 915959530

Erythritol can be produced in several chemical ways:

1. Glucose is produced from starch. Then, with the help of the fungus Moniliella pollinis, it is fermented and produces an untreated Erythritol.

2. Erythritol hydrolyzes erythritol. Erythrocyte is produced by electrolyte decarboxylating method of ribon or arabinic acid.

990.0 So while erythritol is a flexible substance that changes the state of aggregate between 20 and 100 degrees Celsius (phase change material), solar collectors work 24 hours and keep the water temperatures constant.

With the introduction of Erythritol diet, diabetes mellitus will be reduced by 50% nationwide. It is recommended that the drug be used as a substitute for sugar in the diabetes cans after the cleaning and whitening procedure.

15 . “Advanced Parametric Control of Reactive Power” (Department of EE Anarboev MA 932978758)

Xonturaev I.M. Kulanov B.Ya.

943494489 , Mirzaev U. 943418822

Today, the development of industrial enterprises, the increased use of public utilities in households, increases the demand for jet power. Transferring reactive power through the lines would result in a lot of wastage. Reactive power compensation not only reduces the loss of power lines but also improves the quality of electricity and increases the capacity of transmission lines and transformers. The closer the compensation equipment is to the consumer, the greater the efficiency. The project will be implemented in accordance with the Regulation of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan registered on April 10, 2014, No. 1864–1.  










Reactive power compensation not only reduces the loss of power lines but also improves the quality of electricity and increases the capacity of transmission lines and transformers.

Save up to 10% on electricity generation, transmission, distribution and consumption. Electric power losses in the electrical system are reduced to 15-20%. Quality indicators of electricity will be improved.


16 , “Milk fat separator”

(EE chair Anarboev M., 932978758, Xonturaev IM 943494489, Kulanov BS 939401512, Olimov O. 903116974

Abdullaev U. 936135354

The device is designed to remove fat from milk. The device saves electricity when weaning fat from milk. It differs from the devices used today in terms of compactness, comfort and energy efficiency. All parts can be made from local raw materials. The device can be considered a new “domestic” product for the local market. (To date, people in rural areas use this washing machine)  








The device can be considered a new “domestic” product for the local market. (Nowadays, people in rural areas are using washing machines) The appliance can be manufactured in different capacities, which can be used in households, farmers and small shops.
17 . “Micro-hydro power station” (chair EE Anarboev MA Khonturaev IM Kulanov B.Ya., Olimov O., Abdullaev U.) The goal of the project is to build Micro-hydroelectric power stations and to install them for the population (the mountainous population). Installation of micro hydropower plants will not only ensure the availability of environmentally clean electricity, but also the efficient use of renewable energy resources, as well as supply electricity to areas where electricity is scarce.  





Micro-hydroelectric power stations may not provide much power to the power system, but the following issues can be addressed.

1. Increasing living standards;

2. Savings of oil and gas products;

3. Reduce the cost of electricity;

4. Provision of power supply continuity;

5. Creation of new jobs;

6. Small Business Development.

18 . Mobile Solar Power Station for Military Field

(EE chair Anarboev MA Khonturayev IM Kulanov BY, Olimov O.)

The purpose of the project is to collect mobile solar solar power station for military personnel, and then to produce some parts for mounting.  




The military will be provided with power supply for field workouts and will be able to charge their radios and phones. It also provides electricity for mountain farms.
19 . Research and application of fine-grained (Fibra) concrete, dispersed reinforced concrete with metal shells

(R. Hamrakulov, teacher of the department of AI)


1. Production of hydrotechnical structures, fibrobonone for lifting reinforced concrete structures will be made from fibers from industrial waste, scrap metal and basalt emissions at the joint venture BAZALT.

2. The following equipments will be procured for cutting metal and basalt fibers.

A) Metal-cutting equipment.

B) Basalt fibers

C) Transformer

G) Betonouzel

D) Inert Materials

3. Contracts with industrial enterprises, scrap metal and joint venture BAZALT

4. Certificate for production of Fibrabetone

150.0 By applying fiberglass solutions to hydraulic structures and lifting reinforced concrete structures, the durability and durability of all concrete and reinforced concrete structures increases.



Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation:                              S.Tavboev