Foreign guests from Germany visited Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute has the role of cooperation in the development and internationalization of the potential of higher education. A lot of international cooperation is being established between many universities of our country and prestigious foreign universities. The Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute has also achieved a lot in the field of international cooperation. On December 10, the institute was visited by foreign guests from the Federal Republic of Germany. Andreas Hoffmann, Co-Founder & CEO of Loopsolar, Co-Founder & Co-Founder of Greencells Group, Hans Thomas Kessler, Co-Founder of Loopsolar, Germany, Head of German Real Estate, Partner at Herbet Smith Freehills, International Law Firm, CEO & Co-Founder of German Loopsolar, Strategic director of Greensells Group, managing partner of Savemission Dr. Peter West visited the Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute to establish cooperation and get acquainted with the university. Loopsolar invests in renewable energy plants, owns the associated holdings and intermediaries, and controls the energy operations in each case. At the beginning of the visit, foreign guests met with the leadership of the Institute. The company's management also announced plans to invest in the construction of renewable energy stations in the Jizzakh region. Issues of training and retraining of personnel working at these enterprises and training of personnel with higher education on the basis of joint educational programs were discussed. During the visit, the guests were thoroughly acquainted with the work carried out at the institute, the material and technical base of the institute, the conditions created for students, accompanied by the rector of the institute, doctor of technical sciences, professor Usmankulov Alisher Kadirkulovich.