Today, June 15, the Department of Justice of the Jizzakh region organized a training seminar for students of the Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute on the topic "The fate of the Motherland in my destiny."   The seminar was opened by the head of the department of justice of the Jizzakh region, Zh. Ishankulov, who spoke about the essence of the state youth policy, the ongoing reforms in the field of comprehensive support for youth.   The seminar was also attended by the chief specialist of the Agency for Youth Affairs O. Danaev and the prosecutor of the Jizzakh regional prosecutor's office N. Akhmetov on the protection of youth rights, soft loans for youth, including favorable conditions for entrepreneurship, news on the protection of citizens' rights, provided detailed information  Fayzullaev.   During the training seminar, information was provided on the activities of the "Student Lawyer" club, organized by the Department of Justice of the Jizzakh region to improve the legal knowledge of students, as well as detailed answers to students' questions were given.