In 2019 January-10 in conference hall of Jizzakh polytechnic institute was conducted morally- enlightenment action on the theme "Warning corruption and offence". In this action participated and reported employee of Jizzakh regional state safety service management Abdurahmonov Nusratullo. -Usmankulov A.K. - the rector of the institute has opened the meeting with entrance word. He in its speech has said about social-political relations of corruption and its negative consequences. Particularly, it is necessary to note that in our republic on the initiative our state leader increased "About rules we against for corruption". It is known that on the base of decisions of the president "About fighting against corruption", "About measures of the introducing the rules of the laws of the Republic Uzbekistan" is confirmed "State program on fight against corruption” which marked in 2017-2019". As well as, there is formed republican commission between management on fighting against corruption. As well as, our state leader has particularly noted his message to Oliy Majlis about importance of support of the using the most important mechanisms on fight against corruption. On consequently in his message our president noted much efficient tasks on against this disease. As well as, systematic work is conducted on introduction of these tasks. But it is necessary to note that, for one state of the introducing the marked tasks much in a complicated way. Today increases attention to unite all power of the longings society for against corruption, work with population, work with the other organs of control, with organs of society, functioning cooperation with organs of mass media information. As well as, there must be increasing of efficiency law propagandas. The reporter has noted that, one of the most important conditions considered fortifications the role of the institute with civil society on fighting against corruption. Then word is given to employee of Jizzakh regional state safety service management Abdurahmonov Nusratullo. He has noted that, edict of the president "About fight against corruption" in 2017, February-2 begins new stage with contents on fighting against corruption in our republic. Particularly he has noted that, for this reason, in all spheres, as well as in the system of the formation not to allow on corruption, intensify the propaganda for fight against corruption and offence in ambience of the leaders and pedagogies. The reporter has said that, noted corresponding tasks on removal of bribing, extortion, negative results fraud and their reasons. Not review of the noted measure on fighting against corruption there are such teachers, who concern with the abuses and bribing. He has added that, such events nor when does not bid farewell. As well as there is noted that, reason these event careless and indifferent approach of its duties from sides of the leaders and employee, correspondence of not sound atmosphere in society. At the end of the meeting noted future tasks of warning on fighting against corruption to ambience of youth, any facility of the propaganda use in this way. As well as noted tasks on fortification feeling devotion to their profession. There is explained that, there is punishment for all illegal action in society and there is moral responsibilities before state and society. [gallery ids="3783,3782,3781,3780,3779,3778,3777,3776,3775,3774"] Press-secretary of Jizzakh polytechnic institute –Khidirov Khoshim