On April 9 of this year, the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection of the Faculty of Chemical Technology organized a spiritual and educational event on the theme "As long as our people live, the name of Amir Temur lives on." The event Jizzakh appellate Head of the appropriate educational and ideological issues Mamajonov Ziyodbek Rakhimovich, Jizzakh prosecutor in the military justice lieutenant Sharipov Akramjon Kurbanovich, Jizzakh appellate military psychologist Zahid Asqarxo'jayev, educational and ideological work o Deputy Captain Odiljon Turgunbaev, Head of the Department of Youth Affairs, Spirituality and Enlightenment B. Rashidova. "Amir Temur, science and culture, the event sponsor B. Rashidova," Tamerlane "- the military commander Amir Temur Z." Mamajonov, "the founder of the centralized state" A. Sharipov sa ' also spoke. They told the students that Sahibkiran Amir Temur had left an indelible mark on world history, was condemned during the Soviet era, and after independence, justice was restored and his name was justified, his services to the state and people, gardens and palaces he built, and world science. She spoke about her contribution to science and culture, her attitude to women during the reign of Amir Temur and the Temurids, her contribution to the creative sphere, and her diplomatic relations with foreign countries. In the artistic part of the event, the head of the Department of Youth Affairs, Spirituality and Enlightenment B. Rashidova read from her works on the subject. Students prepared and executed by the poetry, the women ' Song and dance are all elevated mood. A group of students who actively participated in community work and activities were rewarded materially and spiritually by the organizers. the event, the latest issue of the "Great Amir" video was shown.