Department of talented youth

Department of talented youth

The Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment
Rashidova Bahti Yaxyayevna
Days of reception: every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 14:00 to 16:00
Phone: 0372-226-45-47

The Department of “Spirituality and Enlightenment” of the Institute was established in December, 1996, on the basis of a Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov “About The Creation of the Republican public center “Spirituality and Enlightenment” from April 23, 1994 and The Further Enhancement and Improving the Effectiveness of Public Center “Spirituality and Enlightenment” from September 9, 1996.

Four people work at the Department of “Spirituality and Enlightenment”.

Head of the Department is Baxti Rashidova

The main objectives of Department of “Spirituality and Enlightenment» as follows:

• Implementation of ideas of national independence into the students’ mentality, the formation of improved the existing mechanism of spiritual- ethnical activities;

• Democratic governance and the improvement of the spiritual-educational process;

• Current and future development of perspective plans of spiritual-educational activities; the creation of an activity system and gain control over their implementation;

• Development of normative and methodological documents, practical measures required for spiritual and educational activities;

• Timely notice to the teaching staff and students of the Institute the Decrees of the President of Uzbekistan and Government Regulations, as well as the organization of special courses. Organizing and holding events, meetings, debates and discussion;

• Timely notice to the staff of the Institute the documents on spiritual-educational work accepted by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education;

• Cooperation with law-enforcement authorities of the region and the city in order to implement the legal education and prevention of offenses;

• Organization of meaningful spending students’ leisure time, the creation of various circles in the interests of students;

• Constant monitoring of the living conditions in the hostel: for compliance with the requirements of these conditions;

• Creating a database on orphan students, the students from low-income families .Conducting  regular works on their social protection.

The Department of “Spirituality and Enlightenment” timely studies the Regulations of the Ministry and other higher authorities: develops plans and measures are being held.