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Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists

Chairman of the board of young scientists: Djiyanbayev Sirojiddin Valiyevich, head of the “Logistic” department, PhD, associate professor.

Council of Young Scientists

Council of Young Scientists of Jizzakh Politechnical institute (JizPI) was created in 2013 for consolidation and protection of interests of young scientists.

Council of Young Scientists (Council) – the permanent collegial advisory body which consists of plenipotentiaries of young scientists, performing the activities on a voluntary basis. Members of council are graduate and post graduate students, and also members of the faculty of institutes aged from 18 up to 35 years, who divide purposes and tasks of the Council.

Main objectives of activities of the Council are protection of interests of young scientists, assistance to professional growth and activization of public work of young scientists and specialists, consolidation of their efforts in the solution of scientific tasks, priority for Council, development of innovative activities of young scientists and specialists, effective promoting of scientific achievements of young scientists, involvement of youth to scientific research.

Main activities of Council:

  • involvement of youth to active participation in public and scientific life of Institutes, scientific and methodical events held both at Institutes and in other organizations;
  • organization and holding of conferences, round tables and scientific seminars with involvement of scientific youth of other higher education institutions for discussion of urgent problems of the national, international and foreign laws;
  • organization of meetings with the leading national and foreign scientists, practicians and politicians;
  • organization of publications of article and theses in scientific collections, magazines and other materials of young scientists;
  • exchange of information about the main directions and results of scientific and pedagogical activities of youth in the field of the law;
  • creation of the mechanism of experience exchange according to the problem resolution, integrated to scientific work in the field of the law;
  • attraction of material resources (national and foreign grants, programs of support of scientific youth, the sponsor’s help) for supporting young scientists works (study projects, participation in conferences and symposiums, financial support, etc.);
  • distribution of information on the training and research programs corresponding to professional interests of the academic youth;
  • wide circulation and implementation of results of young scientists in the sphere of the law;
  • interaction with law-making and law-enforcement bodies for the purpose of assistance of complete implementation of creative and professional opportunities of scientific youth of Institutes.